Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan. 22,2013

We are entering a new time when the Lord wants His people to focus on the things of God. We spend much of our daily lives looking for things we need from the world, the places we work, the government, and society to fill all of our needs. The word says we are to look to the hills to where our help comes from, and that;s the Lord Himself. We need to focus on Jesus, and the things He has for us, and not what we have for our self. I truly believe His return is coming soon, faster than most people think, because if they believed He was coming back, they would be ready. God Bless

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A New Day!!

We are walking in a new day! God is moving mighty through the world right now, We are seeing a stirring in the spirit realm and the body of Christ is in groaning pains waiting for the outpouring of the Spirit. When we walk in closer to God than ever before He will break the back of the enemy on your behalf. The time of the Lords return is drawing so close!!! You do not want to miss His timming!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get Ready, Jesus is Coming

A Word:

At midnight I will break through the barriers, people who do not expect me to move will be left behind, for I am coming, My Child we are in the 11th hour, My entrance is prepared, My Glory showing fourth before My arrival, My arrival breakthrough every stronghold, and it releases, Glory breakthrough in miracle per portions greater than any time in history, My Father has set the appointed time at hand, as the bride prepares herself. I the Bridge Groom, prepares for my arrival, I am still looking for the pure hearted and cleaned hands. Get ready for the great Awakening, ready yourselves, Glory Waves are coming, Glory tidal waves are in sight, they are approaching the beaches, ready to come onto My population. Get Ready!!!!!!

Given by Gary 12-01-09

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Vision from The Lord to Gary

A Vision from the Lord

As Galilee and I were preaching in revival at Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Anderson, CA. on April 27th, 2009. We were preaching from the book of Revelation chapter 19, on spiritual warfare, when we were ministering in the alter service and speaking prophetically, that I was carried into a vision, as I was praying the Lord showed me this vision.

I saw the Lord sitting on a white horse, the horse was a tall white stallion, every hair on his body was perfectly brushed into to proper place, and had a red robe trimmed in gold, on his back, down the side of the robe was written “THE KING OF KINGS” he had no bridle, as he only followed the command of the Lord, for his directions, his eyes were like fire balls seeing only those who have brought some hurt to the Lord. His intent was to protect his Lord, and to complete the job at hand, the return of our Lord, he moved with speed, but preciousion every move was smooth, as to not offend Jesus, in the back ground there were a host of heaven, there horses were robed and ready to go, but they had not mounted there horse at this time, they were on their way to their horse’s, they were all wearing white robes, but you knew who was who, Gabriel was in the lead of the host, while the others followed suit, they moved with precision as a well trained army, ready for war, ready to destroy the enemy, no fear, but the faith to conquer whatever came their way. Each angle had a sword long, sharp, and shinning; to blind the enemy, but to cut into pieces anything in its way. Each Angle had his name on his breast, with the look of anticipation on his face, they have waited for what they felt has been too long for Jesus, to wait for His bride to get ready, and stop playing games. They were ready to take back all the ground the enemy had taken from the saints of God, ready to kill all of the persecutors of the gospel, , but they were bringing life in their hands for all the saints, healing for those who had been wounded in the battle. The awesomeness to see destruction, with healing together was something to see. God has you in His end time plan, ready to the provision to care for us all.

I turned back to Jesus, He said my son, My time is here, I am coming, get My people ready, I have heard there cries, and felt there pains, and now I am ready to return. His face was as brass, like fashioned on the outcome of what He had to do, His eyes were multi faceted, they were red as fire for warfare, to conquer the world and all in it; but they were also blue with peace for His bride, love for His children, Jesus was wearing a long white robe, but it was covered with His blood, that He poured out from the cross, for you and I, from the lashes upon His back, and the nails in His hands and feet. He wore many crowns on His head, one for each nation; He would crush, and rule. He was coming to get His bride, to take back from the enemy what had been stolen from the body of Christ.

They were stand on the outside of the pearly gates, the gates were open to allow the Lord and the host to exit, to the clouds and make their journey, the clouds were already parted, with the opening heading towards Israel, for His first appurtenance, of His return. All of heaven was standing ready to the departure of the Lord, the feast was being prepared for the marriage supper, there were host of heaven standing ready for the healing on the nations, ready with spiritual bandages, to heal every wound we have received from this world, we are standing at the threshold of the returning of our Lord, we no longer have time to play or waist on things of this world, for now is the timing of The Lord.

Gary Guess


Friday, February 13, 2009


Dear Friends with us on our Journey We welcome you to Guess Ministries blog site.
We are a family ministry that works together in evangelism and missions work.
We are a family, put together from two different nations, America and South Africa, and that has given us a heart for both nations.
We have a compassion for the broken, the lost, the rejected, and those who need a touch from the Master’s hand-through deliverance, salvation, inner healing, physical healing, the prophetic word, and teaching the word of God.
We believe that the grace of God is for us today and that God's still stands when we call upon His mercy.
We believe in empowering the body of Christ, bringing hope to the hopeless, and empowering and reaching out to pastors whose vision and faith have been crushed by the weight of ministry.
We believe that it is important to empower, teach, and under-gird the youth, by teaching them how to work, walk and be responsible by working in the giftings of the Holy Spirit. This includes how to discern your place in yourself, and within the giftings that God has called you, as the youth of this and every nation.
We like to teach and share revelation with the youth, to make them hungry for a deeper relationship with our Bride Groom, because without relationship and revelation we cannot understand the depths of God's word and our relationship with Him.
It is our privilege to be in service for the King of Kings and a servant to those He chooses for us to share His love with.
MISSIONS Guess Ministries is fulfilling the command of our Lord Jesus Christ given in Matthew 28:18-20.
Because of our Lord's command, we, at Guess Ministries, are excited about going where others will not and cannot go. Many of the nations have not yet seen a move of God and hunger to see the Glory of God manifested in their lives and their families. God has begun opening doors of opportunity for Guess Ministries in the countries of Mexico, India, Jamaica, Bahamas and Africa. Because we are a ministry living by faith, we ask you to please consider becoming monthly partners with us. Together, we can build new churches in third world countries, support local pastors in reaching their communities, establish Bible schools and orphanages, and also feed and clothe the poor. We do appreciate your prayers, intercession for us and also your financial support of our mission program. All financial support is tax deductible. God Bless You,
Gary & Galilee Guess
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